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  • Cowboy pie in a baking dish

    Family meal

    Kids and grown-ups will love these family dinner ideas. Our simple suppers include comforting pasta bakes, crowd-pleasing one-pots and speedy stir-fries

  • Toad-in-the-hole traybake

    Kids' sausage

    Kids and grown-ups will love these scrumptious sausage recipes. Snack on sausage rolls and hot dogs or enjoy sausage pasta and toad-in-the-hole for a filling family meal.

  • Crispy sesame lemon chicken in a bowl

    Quick and easy family recipes

    Busy week? Make our quick and easy family recipes with one-pots, curries, pasta bakes and other simple dishes that kids and adults will love

  • A bowl of lentil and vegetable curry with rice

    Kids' curry

    Encourage kids to explore fresh flavours with these family-friendly curry recipes. Choose from creamy, mild sauces or try a touch more spice.

  • Spinach & cheddar super green muffins on a child's plate

    Vegetarian kids'

    Simple meat-free recipes kids will love to make and eat. Choose from family-friendly veggie curries, stir-fries, pizzas, pasta and plenty more.

  • Easy family curry: chicken biryani

    Easy family curry

    Try these flavoursome curries that will suit the whole family. From traditional Thai curries to Indian classics, there's a curry to suit every taste.

  • Salmon rice in a bowl with veg

    Kids' rice

    Get the kids practicing their cooking skills with our easy rice recipes. Try zingy stuffed peppers, a creamy risotto or a veg-packed traybake.

  • Tomato spaghetti with veg in a bowl

    Healthy kids'

    See our healthy kids' meal ideas that will keep the whole family happy, from homemade fish fingers to pasta with tomato and hidden veg sauce.

  • Meatball black bean chilli

    Family one-pot

    Save on washing up with our easy one-pot recipes both kids and adults will love. With simple, crowd-pleasing stews, casseroles, curries and soups, these are sure to become firm favourites

  • Chicken and chorizo ragu in a pot with spoon

    Freezable family

    Get ahead in a busy week with family meals you can freeze. Just batch cook from our variety of tasty recipes then freeze the leftovers for another day.

  • Spicy cauliflower & halloumi rice in a large oven dish

    Quick family

    These speedy, simple suppers are guaranteed crowd-pleasers that will leave you time to enjoy with the family, or come in handy when you need to get dinner on the table, fast

  • Pasta salad in different shaped colourful lunchbox

    Kids' lunchbox

    Pack healthy bites and a few special treats for your kids' lunches to keep them alert and full all day, from filling pasta salads to sweet, fruity treats.

  • Salmon & coconut turmeric curry in two small bowls


    Simple to prepare, balanced meals that your toddler can easily handle, with flavours they'll love. This is a crucial time for their developing palate

  • Baby porridge with banana, carrot, peanut butter, chia seeds & cinnamon in a bowl


    Triple-tested weaning recipes to nourish your baby as they move on from milk and formula. Our baby food recipes include porridge, simple pasta and kids omelette.

  • Peach melba pop tarts decorated with pink icing

    Kids' pastry

    Teach your children some basic pastry skills. From sweet and savoury pies, to easy tarts and sausage rolls, find the perfect pastry recipes for kids.

  • A pot of hummus with vegetable crudites

    Snacks for kids

    Try these kid-friendly snacks for lunchboxes or as an after school treat – we have healthy, delicious ideas for children of all ages.

  • A bowl of lentil and vegetable curry with rice

    Kids' lentil recipes

    Lentils are a super-versatile ingredient that kids are sure to enjoy in all kinds of dishes, from mild curries to shepherd's pie and simple soups.

  • Homemade pizza cut into slices with basil on top

    Kids' cooking

    Get the kids into the kitchen and turn them into little chefs with our easy and fun cooking projects and simple meals. They'll love tasting their handiwork.

  • Chocolate cake with sprinkles cut into squares on board

    Kids' baking

    Grab a mini apron and try our easy baking recipes for kids. There's something for everyone, from cookies and cakes to puddings and even bread.

  • Birthday cake

    Kids' party

    Throwing a bash for the kids? We've got plenty of party food and drink ideas, including birthday cakes, pizza, snacks and sandwiches, for a special spread.

  • Slow cooker chilli

    Kids' slow cooker recipes

    Make these child-friendly slow cooker recipes for an easy midweek meal. We've included family favourites, such as bolognese, lasagne and shepherd’s pie.

  • bento lunchbox with cherry tomatoes, falafel bites, cucumber, pomegranate seeds and shredded carrot


    Pack yourself a lunchbox to look forward to with our packed lunch ideas - use up leftover pasta from the night before, simmer up some soup, or whip up a quick salad before work

  • Peanut Butter Chicken

    Cheap family

    Make an affordable dinner for the whole family with our budget-friendly recipe ideas from warming curries to thrifty pasta dishes and hearty burgers.