Wherever you're working these days, we've got hot lunch ideas that can be made in advance for those going out and about, or can be quickly rustled up on your lunch break at home.


Warming lunches can make a nice change from your usual cold sandwiches or salads, and they can still be quick and easy recipes with minimal prep. If you're heading into the office we've got hot packed lunch ideas that you can prep on the day, or a few days before and heat up when you're ready for them.

For more easy lunch inspiration check out these 50 easy lunch ideas and our quick lunch recipes.

20 hot lunches to warm you up

1. Rustic vegetable soup

Cooking pot of rustic vegetable soup with a bowl of soup behind

This healthy, low-fat soup is packed full of veg and lentils for a filling and nutritious lunch. Make a batch and keep in the fridge to eat over a few days. This recipe also freezes really well so you can always store some for a later date.

Make our rustic vegetable soup.

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2. Meatball & tomato soup

meatball tomato soup in a bowl

This meaty soup gives you three of your five-a-day, is absolutely delicious and will leave you feeling full thanks to the giant couscous. Add as much chilli as your heart desires and finish with some freshly grated parmesan.

Try our meatball & tomato soup.

3. Satay chicken rice bowl

satay chicken rice bowl with a spoon in the bowl

Simple hot lunches don't get much easier than this satay chicken and rice bowl. Using packet rice is a great shortcut as well, so you can focus on making the other components, most of which will usually be in your fridge and cupboards anyway.

Try our satay chicken rice bowl for your next work-from-home lunch.

4. Pork noodle stir fry

pork stir fry in a black wok

This easy stir-fry recipe takes just 30 minutes and is budget friendly, too. Make a big batch at the weekend and portion it up so you can have hot packed lunches when you go to work.

Make our pork noodle stir-fry.

5. Coconut curry noodle bowl

two coconut curry noodle bowls

For a veggie-filled noodle bowl with an added nutty crunch, try this vegan coconut curry noodle bowl for a simple yet delicious hot lunch. Make it fresh in under 30 minutes, or the night before and reheat for your lunch the next day.

Try this coconut curry noodle bowl.

6. Creamy pesto & kale pasta

creamy kale and tomato pasta in a bowl with a fork

Healthy meals should't always require a long shopping list and this one certainly doesn't. This pesto and kale pasta uses just five storecupboard staple ingredients to create a delicious and nutritious lunch.

Enjoy this creamy pesto & kale pasta for an easy lunch.

7. Charred broccoli, lemon & walnut pasta

charred broccoli lemon and walnut pasta in a cooking pot

This vegan pasta dish with broccoli, lemon and walnuts will be on your plate in just 20 minutes and is made from just a handful of ingredients. Adding chilli flakes gives a small fiery kick, too. Portion up and reheat for a delicious take-to-work lunch. Discover more vegan lunch recipes.

Make our charred broccoli, lemon & walnut pasta.

8. Mango chutney & campfire cheese toasties

mango chutney and campfire cheese toasties sliced with dip

Switch up your usual lunchtime sandwich with a gooey toastie instead. Load up on the cheese and mango chutney and fry until warm and golden on both sides. Serve with some extra chutney on the side for dipping. Why not go all out and make your own chutney?

Try our mango chutney & campfire cheese toasties.

9. Vegan chickpea curry jacket potato

vegan chickpea curry jacket potato on a plate

To help with hitting your protein goals if you're on a vegan diet, try this chickpea curry jacket potato recipe for a hot and flavour-packed lunch. Why not make a large batch of the curry for dinner and then serve the leftovers on a jacket for lunch the following day? Try some of our other favourite jacket potato fillings.

Try our vegan chickpea curry jacket potato.

10. Veggie chilli

veggie chilli in a bowl

It doesn't get much easier than this veggie chilli. It uses a pack of oven-roasted vegetables and a pouch of grain rice for speedy cooking. It's great if you're in a bit of a rush but still want a hot and filling lunch.

Make our veggie chilli.

11. Tomato, pepper & bean one pot

tomato pepper and bean one pot

This is a great dish to make a large batch of at the weekend and then portion up for the week ahead, adding different toppings to keep things interesting. Add some cheese or vegan cheese and avocado one day and yogurt and almonds the next.

Make our tomato, pepper & bean one pot.

12. Healthy salmon salad

Salmon salad

This salmon salad not only packs in three of your five-a-day, but is full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C and fibre. You can prep the potatoes, beans and salmon the night before, and then put the salad elements together and dress just before eating to prevent the leaves from wilting.

Try our healthy salmon salad recipe.

13. Noodle salad with sesame dressing

Noodle salad with sesame dressing

You can cook and serve this vegan noodle salad in just 15 minutes. We use wholewheat noodles to help get your daily fibre needs and clementines and carrots add a nice pop of colour whilst also providing you with a good amount of vitamin C.

Make our easy noodle salad with sesame dressing.

14. Red pepper & tomato soup

red pepper and tomato soup

Adding a spoonful of ricotta puts a creamy twist on this classic soup. Why not add some croutons on top or serve with fresh, crusty bread? Check out some of our other favourite soup recipes.

Try our red pepper & tomato soup.

15. Tomato & mozzarella toastie

tomato and mozzarella toastie

For a really quick hot lunch, a toastie is always a great go-to. Try this recipe for tomato and mozzarella and then make it your own by adding chicken, pepperoni or veggies. The options are endless!

Whip up a tomato & mozzarella toastie.

16. Charred cauliflower, lemon & caper orzo

charred cauliflower and lemon orzo

Our charred cauliflower, lemon & caper orzo is an easy recipe to double-up for extra portions if you want to meal prep for the week. It's healthy, nutritious and bursting with citrussy flavour.

Make our charred cauliflower, lemon & caper orzo.

17. Lemony chicken stew with giant couscous

Lemony chicken and goat couscous stew

This Moroccan-style couscous recipe can be made in the slow cooker on a Sunday and portioned up ready for the work week. This low-calorie meal still packs in plenty of protein to keep you going.

Try our lemony chicken stew with giant couscous.

18. Broccoli, pesto & pancetta pasta

broccoli pesto and pancetta pasta

This easy pasta dish takes just 25 minutes to make and makes for a great packed lunch. Leave out the pancetta to make this a meat-free vegetarian lunch.

Try our broccoli, pesto & pancetta pasta.

19. Healthy pesto eggs on toast

healthy pesto eggs on toast

Use low-fat pesto instead of oil to fry your eggs – it gives the dish great flavour as well as keeping the fats a bit lower. This recipe calls for making your own pesto, but you can always by your favourite ready-made version to make this even quicker.

Try our healthy pesto eggs on toast recipe.

20. Spiced lentil & butternut squash soup

Spiced lentil and butternut squash soup

Cook a big batch of this filling spiced lentil & squash soup and freeze the leftovers for a speedy lunch another day. Top with some refreshing yogurt and serve with bread.

Make our spiced lentil & butternut squash soup.

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