If you can't decide which sauces and garnishes to adorn your pancakes with on Shrove Tuesday, or indeed whether to go with a traditional batter, thinner crêpes, or spongey American-style pancakes, then our list of all-time favourite recipes may help you decide.


Why not try something different with a colourful tower of fluffy rainbow pancakes, or try experimenting with savoury flavour combinations like squash, goat's cheese & rosemary. If you want to give your pancakes an international twist, then our mini Mexican-inspired quesadillas and Indian-style sweet potato masala dosa will deliver big flavours.

You can find all the below recipes in our Pancake Day recipe collection, then check out more ways to fill your pancakes with our top 10 pancake fillings. Get creative with kid's pancakes and our delicious stuffed pancake recipes. For a real treat, try out our American pancake recipes, which are incredibly fluffy and can be stacked so high on Pancake Day for the ultimate sweet experience!

Top 10 pancake fillings – sweet and savoury

Sweet and savoury pancake topping ideas

1. Chocolate-filled pancakes with caramelised banana

Stack of pancakes with nuts, sliced banana and maple syrup

Does it get more indulgent than this? A stack of fluffy American pancakes with a sweet, chocolatey centre. The indulgence doesn't stop there – it's topped with a heavenly combo of caramelised banana, maple syrup and chopped hazelnuts. This pancake's a must-make for anyone with a sweet-tooth.

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2. American blueberry pancakes

american blueberry pancakes

The combination of blueberries and syrup is a classic topping for a reason as it beautifully complements the light and fluffy texture of American pancakes. In this version, blueberries are also studded into the pancake batter to make a luxurious brunch treat or Shrove Tuesday dessert.

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3. Red velvet pancakes

Two plates stacked with red velvet pancakes, soft cheese frosting and blueberries

New York diner-style chocolate pancakes meet red velvet cake in what can only be described as the pancake of dreams. A sweet maple cream is layered between chocolate pancakes along with a scattering of chocolate chips. Finish with a dusting of icing sugar and fresh blueberries for a fruity hit – if you don't make these on Shrove Tuesday, you're missing out!

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4. Sweet potato masala dosa with coconut raita

Sweet potato masala dosa with coconut raita

If you're into the savoury variety when it comes to pancakes, check out this vegetarian dosa recipe. These savoury pancakes are traditionally eaten for breakfast or as a tasty snack, and our version of spiced sweet potato is complemented with a cooling coconut & coriander yogurt.

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5. Fluffy American pancakes with cherry-berry syrup

Stack of American pancakes with cherries, bacon and maple syrup

Up the ante this Pancake Day with a hearty stack of fluffy American pancakes. Layered with a dollop of mascarpone, smoked bacon and fresh berries, along with a jug of maple syrup for drizzling, this is a seriously sweet and salty recipe which is not to be missed.

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6. Ham & cheese pancakes

Ham & cheese pancakes folded over on a blue plate, finished with a scattering of chives

Enjoy a savoury pick-me-up in the form of these gooey gruyère and smoked ham pancakes. Grind over some black pepper and scatter with chives to make into a satisfying brunch or light supper.

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7. Pumpkin pancakes with salted pecan butterscotch

Stack of pumpkin pancakes with a butterscotch sauce and yogurt

Who could say no to fluffy pumpkin pancakes, piled high and soaked in a heavenly salted pecan butterscotch sauce? Take it one step further by topping with your choice of ice cream, yogurt or crème fraîche.

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8. Quesadilla pancakes

Quesadilla pancakes on a white board with a bowl of spicy beans and another bowl filled with lettuce

Pancakes are given a Mexican twist with this savoury red pepper and cheese filling. Served with spicy beans, lettuce and avocado, it's a brilliant way to enjoy pancakes all year round!

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9. Eggs benedict pancakes

Stack of pancakes with ham, spinach and topped with a runny poached egg

This one's for the brunch-lovers – try your hand at this indulgent twist on eggs benedict, where runny poached eggs, thick-cut ham and spinach is layered between a squidgy stacks of pancakes. It's easy to rustle up, and offers something a little different for your next brunch.

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10. Rainbow pancakes

Rainbow pancake stacks on plates with fruit and cream

You'll flip over these next level rainbow pancakes, drizzled in maple syrup and piled on with fresh fruit and whipped cream. Perfect for a birthday breakfast or brunch, it's a dish the whole family can get behind – make sure to stack the pancakes so that everyone gets one of each colour.

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