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  • Samosa chaat on a plate

    Holi recipes

    Discover a range of delicious sweet and savoury recipes to celebrate the festival of Holi. Make a batch of elegant pistachio barfi or stuffed pakoras.

  • Gulab jamun in syrup

    Diwali recipes

    Discover mouth-watering Diwali recipes to celebrate the festival of lights. Try a selection of sweets, from creamy kheer and sticky gulab jamun, to fragrant cardamom biscuits.

  • Spiced gram flour ladoo (besan ladoo) served on a cake stand

    Diwali sweets recipes

    Celebrate the festival of Diwali with a range of fabulous sweet recipes. Make sticky gulab jamun or indulgent barfi with a dazzling decoration, or try spiced ladoo.

  • Roast chicken on a chopping board

    Eid recipes

    Celebrate the end of Ramadan and break the fast with friends, family and our crowd-pleasing Eid recipes. Make a feast of stunning mains and delicious desserts

  • Pecan-stuffed dates on a serving platter

    Eid sweets recipes

    Celebrate Eid with a selection of sweet recipes to please a crowd. Try pecan-stuffed dates, creamy kulfi, syrupy baklava or nutty pistachio barfi

  • Lamb, squash and apricot tagine in a pot, topped with herbs


    Prepare for Ramadan with energising suhoor recipes to set you up for the day and iftar dishes such as soups, salads and snacks that everyone will enjoy.

  • A bowl of Moroccan harira against a blue backdrop with lemon wedges on the side

    Healthy Ramadan recipes

    Feel your best this Ramadan with our selection of healthy recipes, including easy vegan and gluten-free options to nourish and energise during Suhoor and Iftar

  • Potato latkes on a plate with smoked salmon

    Hanukkah recipes

    Celebrate the festival of Hanukkah with classic Jewish recipes. Make a stunning beef brisket main, latkes to share and delicious doughnuts for dessert

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