A challenge has been presented before humanity; can we as a people do the impossible that which has never been done before in the history of all mankind?  Can we become the evolved species that moves and functions as one entity?  Are the members contained with the body aware of their interdependency; enough so to encourage and welcome cooperation?  Thus igniting a global transformation into a complete functional progressive body?  The challenge has been presented; the question is not if we answer the call, but when?

  • The goal is that we are acting and functioning as one entitiy; without boundaries, without limitations, without contrived differences. 
  • Throughout humanity’s history it has been efficiently demonstrated that a fragmented body has less than optimal results, usually benefiting a minority rather than the whole.  That would be fine if we had not yet learned the fruits of those aspirations, but since we have been down that road before and clearly understand its implications without question we shall no longer entertain it as a viable option.
  • In fact in our maturity we have realized that our childish activities have put all of mankind, along with nature and its inhabitants at risk of extinction.  Thus we have put all childish notions aside; attentively we arise addressing the needs that lay before us, by capturing all of our heritage and ancestry to rise above and beyond the call beckoning before us.

Yes the people, will answer the call, and have proved the unthinkable by taking a stand and daring to go where no other age has gone before.  The people have raised the standard for future generations and have left a rich heritage for all of mankind to follow.

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