Month: September 2013

Stepping outside of the Box Defining the line between race and culture.  I often hear in discussion people often get confused about culture and race or try to lump them together in the same class.  Where race is the defining of a group of people based on physical characteristics and attributes.  Where culture is founded on Read more In order to understand what is occurring in Syria present day, start with the past and lead up to the present. You will get a clearer perspective of the conflict and all that it entails yet not readily revealed. As the stage is set and the lines are being drawn as with any great Read more

Learning We learn about the sayings and deeds of the men of old in order to entrust ourselves to entrust ourselves to their wisdom and prevent selfishness. When we throw off our own bias, follow the sayings of the ancients, and confer with other people, matters should go well and without mishap. Lord [Nabeshima] Katsushige Read more

Join me as we explore the Japanese Culture of the Samurai! this video is the beginning series of post exploring the culture of the samurai. Read more

Gil Scott-Heron, “Peace Go with You, Brother”[youtube=]   Now, more than ever, all the brethren must be together Every brother, everywhere, feels the time is in the air Time and blood flows through common veins And in the common eyes all see the same Now, more than ever, all the family must be together Peace Read more