Month: March 2014

The human experience, the accumulative recorded history of man, his earliest beginnings to our current position in time.  When viewed we tend to observe our history in a microcosm.  If we take the time to digest man’s history you understand and are able to see the big picture; our full experience. even at that we Read more

Love2Live2Learn, Learn2Love2Live Together The Human Experience   The Great Experiment Commentary:  By Darric May A challenge to the individual readers and the world at large.  The Challenge is in understanding the current times that we are in.  This will require knowledge and understanding of our past so that we may direct our future.  Let us come Read more

Love2Live2Learn, Learn2Love2Live Together The Human Experience The Great Experiment   Our current condition in the world we are witness to wars, famines, Global warming, genocides, these are viewed as birthing pains of the new creation. The ways of old replaced with the ways of new.  Walk with me as we share ideas and thoughts  on how we Read more

Love2Live2Learn, Learn2Love2Live Together The Human Experience The Great Experiment   So I have struggled to stay on track, coming to a  realization how broad a topic this subject covers. To be quite honest it has at times presented itself as an obstacle causing some delay.  Although I have had plenty of time and opportunity to write the Read more

WEDNESDAYS IN MISSISSIPPI: The real housewives of Jackson Mississippi This Op-ed was written by Marlene McCurtis & Cathee Weiss, producers of the Wednesdays In Mississippi Documentarty Film. There been a lot of buzz recently about (the book and movie) The Help – Is it “true”? Who is represented fairly? What’s good and is not so good. Read more

Father Abdul the Rahman: the Moorish Prince who beat the Slave System By Jide Uwechia The Treaty of Friendship between United States and the Empire of Morocco One of the main aims of this treaty was to establish a tribute payable by the United States of America to the Emperor of Morocco in exchange for Read more

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