Theme of the book: As we embark upon the new millennium, it becomes more obvious humanity is in need of a tune up in thoughts and ideals on how we look think and function as a species;  a fresh perspective about life.  The purpose of this reading is to act as a revelation of truths and valuable insights to spur thoughts thus initiating action. The end goal is to encourage and empower man to welcome his transformation by providing the light to ignite the process.

Learn2Love2Live Together, the Human Experience, the Grand Experiment.  The book is the first of its kind to challenge the world to face current the current issues of the global society in which we live.  It asks poignant questions to bring clarity to the pressing issues we face as an adolescent global society. It furthermore seeks to engage you, the reader, by encouraging your participation by letting your voice be heard within the global think tank!

Thank you for participating and sharing your invaluable insights.  Your insights may very well provide an ingredient that is essential to creating a brighter, stronger light for a more powerful ignition. I encourage you to become a participant and let your voice be heard!