Love2Live2Learn, Learn2Love2Live Together

The Human Experience   The Great Experiment

Commentary:  By Darric May

A challenge to the individual readers and the world at large.  The Challenge is in understanding the current times that we are in.  This will require knowledge and understanding of our past so that we may direct our future.  Let us come to a full understanding of the fullness of our current condition so that we may embrace the Human experience in its wholeness.  The hope is that we realize that man is ready to move forward out of his cocoon and transform into a new creation.  But the new creation requires new thoughts, mental expansion beyond the known familiar territory into the unknown out of your comfort zone.  New ways of being and doing.  The old ways must be shed for they are no longer beneficial, In fact they act as restrictive boundaries cutting off the creative flow of source.


Love2Live2Learn, Learn2Love2Live Together

The Human Experience The Great Experiment


Our current condition in the world we are witness to wars, famines, Global warming, genocides, these are viewed as birthing pains of the new creation. The ways of old replaced with the ways of new.  Walk with me as we share ideas and thoughts  on how we can actively come together as a people.  We invite you to take part in the first interactive novel.

Learn to love to live together the first interactive novel invites you to engage, to interact by sharing your views in what  you envision a utopian society looks like.  What are the obstacles in place that stop us from coming together.  Join me in the Global think tank  where we can capture and formulate what the people visualize the perfect world would look like.  We then share amongst each other and work cooperatively to bring it about.