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The nature of Civilizations: A civilization is a cultural entity, villages, regions, ethnic groups, nationalities, religious groups, A civilization is thus the highest cultural grouping of a people and the broadest level of cultural identity people have… short of that which distinguishes humans from other species. Read more

With an eye towards their own upcoming presidential election and the growing popularity of National Front leader Marine Le Pen, French citizens took to the streets of Paris on Saturday to protest U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, vowing to mobilize against the international rise of the far-right. Source: Protesting Rise of Alt-Right at Home and Abroad, Read more

Recently, there has been a growing focus on the importance of reliable, accurate gender data on the situation of women and girls. There are many reasons why data is important: we need accurate data so that we can prioritize. We need accurate data to know where we are starting from, so that we know if […] Read more

“ It’s not about black or white, yellow or brown, being rich or poor, smart or dumb. What matters is that we work together and lift up one another to get the job done. “ If you understand what I’m saying then pass the word on! The disconnect  is that we are not quite grasping Read more

The Bill of Rights The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution by the framers in the form of amendments. The chief purpose of the amendments was to provide greater constitutional protection for individual liberties,to protect the rights of individuals from the government’s interference.  It has been said at some point in time during their  early Read more

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The human experience, the great experiment. evolving publications 10/30/16   This challenge goes out to the individual reader that is reading this and to the world at large. The challenge: understanding the current times requires knowledge of the past so that we can direct our future. Let us come to a full understanding of our Read more

SOUND~OFF SOUND OFF~~~~~ WHERE WE TELL IT LIKE IT IS ~~~~~~~ AND YOU RESPOND What is it folks, I need your help with this, how do you even began to form your lips to shape the words to define the outright double standard that exist in this society.  Its just blatantly disgustingly obvious that this Read more

Outrage Over Bundy Verdict: White Militants Acquitted While Native Protesters Brutalized Zach Cartwright | October 28, 2016 11056 SHARES FacebookTwitter After Thursday’s Bundy verdict and Standing Rock response, the judicial system seems to be communicating loud and clear that white lives matter more. On the same day that Ammon Bundy and his gang of domestic terrorists were acquitted Read more

NEWS Buddy Brothers Acquitted in Armed Rebellion at Oregon Wildlife Refuge Nathan Wellman | October 28, 2016   Ammon and Ryan Bundy, along with five of their followers, were just acquitted of federal conspiracy and weapons charges, despite admitting to participating in an armed occupation of a federally owned Oregon wildlife sanctuary for six weeks last January and February. The Read more

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