Evolving Times

This book is dedicated to humanity as a whole; may we continually take action to

strive to ascend to higher levels of awakening and understanding.

More specifically, this book is devoted to Woman, the gateway of creation for our

species, to all the mothers who nurture and guide our species path with wisdom

and intuition.

This book is also dedicated to Men, whose duty it is to protect and

shelter our species; the fathers who above all else will guard and protect our species,

and in doing so are positioned as our foundation and backbone, so on you, we

do depend.

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Chapters found Inside  Learn2Love2Live Together

Chapter                               01

The Challenge 

Chapter                               02

Broken State of Apathy

Chapter                               03

Strategies Against Humanity

Chapter                               04

Evolution of Man

Chapter 1

The Challenge


"If man does find the solution for world peace it will be the most revolutionary reversal of his record we have ever known."

  • George C. Marshall


Welcome, and thank you for choosing to be an active participant in the ever-unfolding drama – the human experience that we call life. I challenge humanity to perceive our current global condition with the hope of coming to a deeper understanding. Can we as a species do what some would suggest is implausible in accomplishing what has never been done before in all humanity's history?


Herein lies the challenge presented before humanity on this day of reading. If we look at world history, we haven't done well together at all. The entirety of human history is highlighted with wars and conflicts. Even if we look at the last 100 years alone, we have gone through two world wars that have probably caused some of the worst destruction in the planet's history.

Chapter 2

The Broken State of Apathy


“There is nothing new under the sun, including the current condition that the world finds itself in now. One of uncertainty, turmoil, war and strife, death and destruction, separation and division. A broken state of apathy.”

- Darric May


When I look around, I can see that there is nothing new when it comes to the current condition of the world. Things also don't look very promising as we slowly move towards the future. The next generation is already fearing for how their lives are going to look as our planet is being pushed to the edge by current leaders across the globe.

The sad fact is that it is this way because of the machinations of a world system that refuses humanity the wherewithal to expand beyond its infancy, or bluntly put, its current condition of ignarragance. Oh, look. A new word. I was so dumbfounded by the actions of present-day society that I had to come up with a word to bring expression to this widespread phenomenon. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce into your vocabulary:

Ignarragance: The state of being arrogantly ignorant; a. (modern derivation), The state of being arrogant to such a high degree the offender is unaware of their ignorant condition to the effect their ignorance is exposed to the embarrassment of all. 

Irrespective of our naivety on the use of this word and its true meaning, we have all been guilty of ignarragance to some degree, but more specifically regarding our inherent rights as natural citizens of this planet. For instance, how many times in this century alone have our rights been hoodwinked via Hegelian programming (all under the guise of it being for our greatest benefit)? 

But just because we are uninformed about a set of rules, a set of systems, and/or conditions that are in play, it does not make us exempt from the consequences. The simple fact that you exist under an illusion of peace within this system — unaware of the stratagems employed by it against all of humanity — does not exempt you from the consequential karmic implications manifested generationally. Karma states you reap what you sow, and in your silence you are complicit with the function and administration of the current illusion.

Chapter 3

Strategies Against Humanity


“War is the greatest plague that can afflict humanity, it destroys religion, it destroys states, it destroys families. Any scourge is preferable to it.”

  • Martin Luther King


Divide and Conquer

At the root of all division — at the root of all destructive decisive wars, and all apocryphal conspiracies — is the epic, tried-and-true tactic of divide and conquer. It is a wonder how the populace is still not on full alert to know and recognize and defend against this basic tactic. Yes or no: is it not true this tactic has bamboozled the masses throughout known civilization? It has been perpetually used as an effective weapon and interwoven as a foundational, all-purpose offensive.


The beauty of the divide and conquer tactic is in its use, as it reveals the immense level of depravity found in humanity, both in the manipulator and the recipients of the manipulation. The manipulator has no concern for those who are the subject of his chicanery, for he has craftily formed his plot; and those who are subjected to it are more often than not oblivious to the deception being employed. And as such, the plea of the masses of being ignorant of their circumstances, or situations that engulf them and are openly used against humanity, does not exclude one from their underlying intentions. In fact, the more ignorant you, are the better; the more indifferent, the better; the less involved, the better; the more passive, the better; and the more entertained, the better.

Chapter 4

Evolution of Man


“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”

  • Leon C. Meggison


So, what exactly is evolution? According to Dictionary.com, it is defined as “any process of formation or growth; development.”[1] So, according to this definition, even transitioning from childhood to adulthood can be classified as evolution. In fact, the very act of learning from past experiences — by putting in place changes coupled with the discipline required to grow — is basically a form of evolution.

The first step of understanding the evolution of man is to first know oneself. This concept originated from Egypt and was taught in their universities. It proliferated throughout the ages and still remains one of the most important topics of education. It is with the foundation of knowledge of self that we are able to build stronger relationships. As we begin to have a better understanding of ourselves, we will naturally foster respect for others as we demand to be treated as we want to be treated. To those with ears to hear, herein lies wisdom:


The riches of the world are not contained in silver or gold, but in the relationships, we carefully nurture and cultivate.


If we truly understood the riches contained in the development of healthy relationships, we could change our world overnight.


We are in Transformative times that require modern day women and men to be able to adapt in these evolving times.  This is necessary not only to survive but more importantly to prosper.  We all know from personal experience that change is the hardest obstacle to overcome.  I have found that this can easily be overcome with patience with yourself, repetition and much discipline. 





Chapter 5 
360 Degrees of Seperation

Chapter 6
Planet Home

Chapter 7
Empowerment in Solidarity

Chapter 8
Spark of light

Chapter 9

About The Author

About the Author


Darric May is an I.T. Professional and author of Evolving Times, Learn2Love2Live Together the Civilized Choice. 


He was born in Trenton, New Jersey, in the year 69. It was early in his adolescence that he started the practice of writing in a journal daily. It was through this discipline that he discovered his talent for writing.


It is often said all great things arise out of tragedy, and so is the case with Learn2Love2Live Together.   I remember like it was yesterday. I had just lost my job; my wife and I were going thru a divorce. Also, I would later lose my father to cancer.  I was under extreme duress. I clearly remember what seemed like being in a bottomless pit and looking up as I finally hit rock bottom.  At this time, I had three back-to-back DUI's and was quickly spiraling out of control.  During this time, I became isolated from family and friends; eventually, I shut down and began to take a serious hard look at myself inwardly.


Thus, I began my journey into self-discovery.  Knowledge of self, rooted in the heart, I started the process of internal healing and love and appreciation for self and others.  As I continued to mature in my heart, I increased my understanding that all life is sacred.  It is a gift given to all to express fully.  I evolved further by taken responsibility and accountability for all my actions, past and present.


Darric lives and works out of his home in San Diego, California, spending his time walking the sandy beaches while writing on his favorite subject of nurturing and cultivating relationships!




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