As an enlightened being of a higher vibration you would never seeks to destroy!

Mallence Bart-Williams speaking unadulterated Truth. Speaking on common public knowledge, the media would paint a different picture to save face on the political fu$@ery that abounds. So there will come a time when enough is enough, as the light exposes the hypocrisy and all is self-evident.

That time is approaching, and I see it arriving quicker than expected. The fear is that there is an expectation of retribution. And in preparation, there are preparations for destruction and annihilation. This reaction exposes the heart and intentions.

As an enlightened being of a higher vibration you would never seeks to destroy, but rather gravitate to how to heal, how to reconcile, how to make the system in question whole.Therein lies the problem, one has to have the desire to evolve and grow. You cannot force change, so again we are back at this discussion of how to effectively transform and remove the cancerous units preventing the whole from progressing?

Philip B. Downing

Interesting Fact:

In 1891, anyone interested in mailing a letter would have to make the long trip to the post office. Philip B. Downing designed a metal box with four legs which he patented on October 27, 1891. He called his device a street letter box and it is the predecessor of today’s mailbox.

One year earlier, Downing patented an electrical switch for railroads which allowed railroad workers to supply or shut off power to trains at appropriate times. Based on this design, innovators would later create electrical switches such as light switches used in the home.

Ring around the Rosies a pocketful of posies. Ashes, ashes they all fall down!



“War is the greatest plague that can afflict humanity; it

destroys religion, it destroys states, it destroys families.

Any scourge is preferable to it.”

– Martin Luther King


At the root of all division — at the core of

all destructive decisive wars and all

apocryphal conspiracies — is the epic,

tried-and-true tactic of divide and

conquer. It is a wonder how the populace

is still not on full alert to know and

recognize and defend against this primary

tactic. Yes or no: is it not true this tactic

has deceived the masses throughout

known civilization? It has been perpetually

used as an effective weapon and

interwoven as a foundational, all-purpose


Global Wealth Inequality

Those with extreme wealth have often accumulated their fortunes on the backs of people around the world who work for poor wages and under dangerous conditions. According to Oxfam, the wealth divide between the global billionaires and the bottom half of humanity is steadily growing. Between 2009 and 2018, the number of billionaires it took to equal the wealth of the world’s poorest 50 percent fell from 380 to 26.