What six-letter word strikes fear in the hearts and minds of men?

Today I want to share with you a six-letter word that strikes fear in the hearts and minds of men. 


Now we all can agree these are transitioning times that we are experiencing in the world we live today. 

In fact If you scan the horizon on a global level we see hyper inflation is on the rise. Escalating trade wars,  rumors of world wars, pandemics & plagues abound, Social upheaval envelopes our planet.

Along the journey in the midst of these upheavals often times it seems like there is no hope no clear path. But I am here today to share with you that very same six letter word that strikes fear in the hearts and minds of men also is capable of ushering in a Renaissance era of epic proportions.   Some would go so far as to say a Golden Age.

Well I don’t know about you but I am plenty curious to find out what exactly is the SIX letter word that strikes fear in the hearts and minds of men and has the potential to increase humanities progress exponentially   

The truth of the matter is that simply embracing this six letter word has the potential to eliminate wars; not to mention increase communication and understanding world wide.If this is true, if this six letter word can end humanities turmoil why has man not embraced this word.

And thus we come to the root of our discussion.  Lets begin to unveil the nature of  this the six letter word that has all the answers to man problems yet strikes fear in their hearts and their minds.

Let me start by spelling the word out, I will take the first six letters of  the word and provide an attribute of the word with each letter.  So you can get a better visual of the essence and character of the word and the impact it carries.So the first letter of the sixth letter word that strikes fear in the hearts and minds of humanity is 

The letter C.  The attribute is COURAGE To walk the path of this six letter word is not for the faint of heart as it requires tremendous courage.

The second letter of the sixth letter word that causes the leaders of the world to tremble in their boots starts with H.  To stay on the path in pursuit of this sixth letter word one must remain in a state of HUMILITY

The third letter of the sixth letter word that causes Politicians to cower in silence begins with the letter A.  Just as cream rises to the top after being churned with much agitation, so must we ASCEND to higher grounds in the midst of trials and upheavals.

The fourth letter of the sixth letter word that strikes fear in the corrupt judges and lawyers of the world starts with N as this word is a NECESSITY to get things done.

The fifth letter of the sixth letter word begins with G.  The Attribute is  GrowthOnce you embark on this path in pursuit of the sixth letter word be prepared to be overtaken by opportunities for you to expand and grow to.

And at last we are at the last letter of the sixth letter word and that letter is E for EVOLVING VISIONOne must be able to keep an open mind to the possibilities.

If you haven’t figured it by now the sixth letter word that strikes fear in the hearts and minds of Humanity is: 


That’s right man is fearful of change even when his survival depends upon it!  Change requires the COURAGE to take the clear steady INWARD gaze at ourselves confronting our inner demons our weaknesses our shortfalls Our biases, our prejudices, our fears, our complacency in outdated traditions that are crumbling right before us as we enter into this new age of incredible change.

We have the technology to answer our most pressing problems. 

But our leaders are settled and stuck in the mire of traditional ways, purposefully holding back all of humanity from ascending to higher ground.  All for the sake of selfish greed and impotent power.   As they know not yet how to wield power in its true form. True power is wielded with grace, humility and compassion.

We have seen time and time again that we choose to embrace war because that is what we are conditioned to resort to.  We choose to resort to assassinations of our counterparts because it is much easier than to take the time to cultivate relationships to gain mutual understandings and respect to agree to disagree.  


We can all agree that CHANGE IS DIFFICULT, 

But what is of greater importance is understanding that NOT CHANGING CAN BE FATAL!

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As an enlightened being of a higher vibration you would never seeks to destroy!

Mallence Bart-Williams speaking unadulterated Truth. Speaking on common public knowledge, the media would paint a different picture to save face on the political fu$@ery that abounds. So there will come a time when enough is enough, as the light exposes the hypocrisy and all is self-evident.

That time is approaching, and I see it arriving quicker than expected. The fear is that there is an expectation of retribution. And in preparation, there are preparations for destruction and annihilation. This reaction exposes the heart and intentions.

As an enlightened being of a higher vibration you would never seeks to destroy, but rather gravitate to how to heal, how to reconcile, how to make the system in question whole.Therein lies the problem, one has to have the desire to evolve and grow. You cannot force change, so again we are back at this discussion of how to effectively transform and remove the cancerous units preventing the whole from progressing?

Philip B. Downing

Interesting Fact:

In 1891, anyone interested in mailing a letter would have to make the long trip to the post office. Philip B. Downing designed a metal box with four legs which he patented on October 27, 1891. He called his device a street letter box and it is the predecessor of today’s mailbox.

One year earlier, Downing patented an electrical switch for railroads which allowed railroad workers to supply or shut off power to trains at appropriate times. Based on this design, innovators would later create electrical switches such as light switches used in the home.