A challenge has been presented before humanity; can we as a people do the impossible that which has never been done before in the history of all mankind?  Can we become the evolved species that moves and functions as one entity?  Are the members contained with the body aware of their interdependency; enough so to encourage and welcome cooperation?  Thus igniting a global transformation into a complete functional progressive body?  The challenge has been presented; the question is not if we answer the call, but when?

  • The goal is that we are acting and functioning as one entitiy; without boundaries, without limitations, without contrived differences. 
  • Throughout humanity’s history it has been efficiently demonstrated that a fragmented body has less than optimal results, usually benefiting a minority rather than the whole.  That would be fine if we had not yet learned the fruits of those aspirations, but since we have been down that road before and clearly understand its implications without question we shall no longer entertain it as a viable option.
  • In fact in our maturity we have realized that our childish activities have put all of mankind, along with nature and its inhabitants at risk of extinction.  Thus we have put all childish notions aside; attentively we arise addressing the needs that lay before us, by capturing all of our heritage and ancestry to rise above and beyond the call beckoning before us.

Yes the people, will answer the call, and have proved the unthinkable by taking a stand and daring to go where no other age has gone before.  The people have raised the standard for future generations and have left a rich heritage for all of mankind to follow.

Isn’t life grand Ran across this amazing video…

Isn’t life grand!! Ran across this amazing video thought I share it with you. “Life in a Day” is a groundbreaking film produced by Ridley Scott and directed by Kevin Macdonald that solicited user-generated content from around the world that was shot on July 24, 2010. With more than 80,000 videos from 197 countries, 4,500 hours of video was edited into a 94-minute portrait of the world. Google and YouTube have released the full-length feature for viewing before the release of the DVD

click on the link below to enjoy!

It is my position that we as a…

It is my position that we as a species are negligently out of balance and thus the reason for the cancer, I.e., wars, famines, economic calamities, uprisings whether they be caused by contrived conspiracies or natural progression. I tend to view it as growing pains, transitional manifestations of a living organism. Again I will be the first to tell you that I am not a social engineer, nor a scientist, but in my defense I do posses common sense which in these days appears to be no longer common nor make much sense.

Understand that we live in an ordered world, where there are cycles, systems of natural law that exist; that attribute to the establishment of balance & harmony on a consistent basis. It would seem to reason that man would follow in this model of harmony.

A Life for a Life By Darric May…

A Life for a Life?
By Darric May

Global Think Tank


What is the value of a life? Where do you begin, what is the basis you use to place value to human life? Do you measure it in units and if so which one Kg, or maybe lbs.? When did the value of a human life lose all respect?

It would seem by modern standards that we have actually lost complete comprehension of the value that life holds in our modern times.

In our current day abortions are common and hold no shock value. Hell even if you make it past birth and survive to infancy there is a good chance you’ll get shot by a dumb ass vigilante or some pathetic excuse for a law officer who feels empowered holding what he mistakes to be his dick in his hand. I say this because it’s getting past ridiculous, as quick as they are to pull the trigger. Every day there is news of kids getting shot by some ignorant douche who is not man enough to own up to his actions. As quickly as these individuals pull the trigger to take a life without thought or conscience, it is with the same equal force they hide behind a law or a lawyer to escape the repercussions of their actions. So the pattern I am seeing is that a vigilante can unjustly take a life and hide behind a law, and the law officers can shoot innocent individuals and say they were doing there job regardless of the circumstance.

The law or justice system was created to act as a buffer to filter out the injustices and deliver justice; thus serving a basic need in maintaining order. When the political institutions that are set up by the people to serve the public interests fail, they no longer are serving their purpose, and have reached the end of their life cycle. When the people that set up the political institutions continue to serve an impotent system they are supporting a dead cause. Take a look around open your eyes the system is in disarray and in desperate need of upheaval.

There is no one to blame but the people for the current state of affairs. The current state of apathy being demonstrated by the people is readily seen by their unwillingness to participate in the political arena. These issues will not address themselves; but require leadership, organization and participation, ask yourself where do you fit in? If we continue to support, by our inaction, these institutions, that are failing us, then you are in agreement and accept their decisions and support the message that is being sent. So why expect a different outcome or change, it’s not going to happen! Public outcry is not out of order and political action is warranted to stop the pattern of abuse.

You see it use to be that if you took a life then yours was given in return. That way there was actual thought given before actions were put into play and you made sure that you were willing to pay the PRICE. That was of course when people understood the value of life and a value was placed on it. Several things have happened for us to get to this condition. We have sat back and watched, waiting for justice to prevail and wrongs to turn into rights. When justice was not found it was chalked up as a loss. I have looked at the losses and it appears overall that due to inaction, insensitivity, and outright not giving a F@#K; humanity is the loser. Ultimately the message that is being sent is that you have no rights, and its open season on your ass. So continue to sit back and be entertained, oh by the way just so you know, the revolution will not be televised!




Last but not least for those who don’t know how to act or what to do when approached by a police officer or are unaware of their rights!



A Life for a Life

Throughout time a rainbow has come to symbolize…

Throughout time a rainbow has come to symbolize a lot of causes, groups, etc. A beautiful symbol that represents a spectrum of colors that when combined presents an wondrous display; the way that only nature can do. If you include only the colors that you like and exclude the remainder what do you have, not a rainbow, but your preference. It is only when accepting the whole spectrum of possibilities that you are blessed with an awe inspiring sight.

Likewise, only until humanity is able to recognize the value of their interdependency will we witness the beauty that is contained within.


Learn2love2live Together

Learn2love2live Together

I’ll tell you what the fuss is about! Have you heard the latest buzz about the upcoming book, “Learn 2 Love 2 Live Together”? Those in the know report it brings an awe inspiring look into the future of human relations: how we view humanity as a whole, to how we relate to one another as individuals, and how we function within communities to further our potential as a species. It has long been recognized that change is duly needed. Generation after generations continue supporting outdated ideologies within collapsing social systems. This behavior ultimately leaves us in the same predicament time after time; that being one of war, strife, and destruction.