Lift up one another to get the job done!

United we stand divided we don't

“ It’s not about black or white, yellow or brown, being rich or poor, smart or dumb. What matters is that we work together and lift up one another to get the job done. “

If you understand what I’m saying then pass the word on!

The disconnect  is that we are not quite grasping the fact that we need each other.  Rather than warring with one another and hoarding all the resources into a pile to pillage and plunder.  Rather than exploiting one that is weaker than you and taking from them, you will find it is much more rewarding to teach and nurture those weaker or less fortunate than you. In return, you will find they as well will share their strengths giving much in return as they have received.  An equitable exchange is fair and allows for mutual respect bringing all parties involved closer in harmony so that we may move and function as one.

We are one in essence and that essence is humanity.  Humanity consists of many different dimensions, depths, facets, layers, qualities, traits.  These diversities are so eloquently displayed in the myriad of beautiful cultures that exist here on this planet.  We are so blessed to be able to witness each other in our glory.  Do you not understand that when you extinguish one of those lights you kill off an integral aspect of the whole.  We all in our many diversities create the beauty that signifies humanity.  This world and the passing of this challenge is far bigger than one group, one race, one ideology.  It is only in given each other mutual respect that a natural peace ensues and the pieces are able to come together and work in harmony as intended.

Life is for a season this we know, how many seasons do we have left to get it right before that stage is reset, this no one knows.  But it would seem that we have lost our way blinded by the lust for power, greed, and control.



In order for us to truly become a great nation we must overcome our fears, expanding our boundaries to new heights, depths and lengths never before were seen, nor imagined.  This can only be done by accepting the inevitable change before us.  Shrinking back into our old comfortable ways is not an option, press forward always.

(C)2016 Love2live2learn

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