Recent Interview: With Darric May , Author of the upcoming book, “Learn2Love2Live Together.”


Tell us a little about yourself:

Darric May Author of
Learn2Love2Live Together

Well first of all I want to thank you for inviting me to this interview thank you! I was born in Trenton, New Jersey, mercer county. Spent the good deal of my childhood in the surrounding area of Jersey, Delaware, Philly, etc.  It was only later in adolescent that I began to travel to other states and see other surroundings and meet new people that I began to see different cultures and get introduced to new environments that I began to notice the disparity amongst people.  

I was raised by an incredible Mother and Father who instilled incredible values and morals and to respect all people.  I have an analytical mind and love to meditate on ideas.  On the flip side I am creative and love the idea that as creative individuals we are unlimited.  That was the blessing that I received from my parents.  My father was highly analytical, receiving his doctorate degree in Psychology, while my mother is highly creative, being a fashion designer, costume designer, just a bundle of creative energy.  So I have the best of both worlds the perfect balance.

You recently came back from Afghanistan and are now living in Peru.

 Are you learning a lot about people in general, and our so-called differences?

Yes I had the privilege of landing a contract with a company that allowed me to work in Afghanistan and that was a culture shock.  That was the first time that I had been able to leave the states and experience another culture.  Very eye opening and quite a learning experience.  There are a lot of things that we take for granted in the states.  In the more rural areas the people are content with living their life just as they did in biblical times, I maybe exaggerating but the point being is that they have no desire for the modern day conveniences.  Well I will take that back items like refrigerators air conditioning are a must have.  I bring this up because that is where I worked in the rural areas, in the metropolitan cities its just like here or any other metropolitan city.  So back to the question what I have discovered in the Middle Eastern countries, and the Latin American countries or any culture for that matter, is that people are ultimately the same what separate’s us is our culture, which distinguishes us from each other.  So I liken it to a quilt a comforter if you will, that is composed of many different threads that when combined give form to the quilt.   Each thread whether it be a different color or texture fits beautifully together with the others to manifest, give existence to that quilt.  So as I continue my journey I am looking forward to discovering more about the different cultures. 

What was the inspiration for your book?

Is a united humanity something you’ve always thought about?  Why?

Excellent question I was touching on that earlier when I mentioned that as I child I became aware of the disparity amongst the people.  And in the back of my mind I would try to understand the differences. As a child you are pure, it is only when an authority figure begins to input ideas of differences in color and superiority, class, and privilege that perfection is corrupted.  The current indoctrination of the world corrupts the minds of the innocent.  As I grew older I continually asked the question because what was being told to me did not sit well in my heart.  So I continued asking and refused the lie.  Now that I am able to travel and see first hand I am glad that I was able to stay true, because I am able to see first hand that we are all the same.  The different cultures I view as clothing or styles or you could even say swagger, that distinguishes groups from others.  It’s nothing more and nothing less take it away and you still have a human being that has the same needs, wants and desires as we all do.   To be accepted for whom they are, ultimately that is to be loved.

What do you hope to accomplish with this book?  Realistically,  

What do you see happening with the publication of your book?

The purpose of the book is to bring about an awareness of our interdependency.  I really don’t see us surviving as a species at the rate that we are carrying on.  It just doesn’t make any sense that the world is in the current condition that we are in.  We are more than capable in resolving our problems it’s just a matter of adjusting our perspective.  Well the next question is what is the correct perspective, simple everything including man has to abide within the natural order that exist within this environment here on earth.  We are apart of the environment not outside of it as many would like to think and are acting thus our current dilemma.  Man was given dominion over the earth as a steward of it and its inhabitants.   It’s really a matter of going back to discovering what many of our ancestors revealed when writing their history.   

Man by nature is inquisitive and a discoverer, that is why we have the many breakthroughs in technology, rediscovering what are ancestors already accomplished and building on that to continually dissect life.  Science is man discovering what life is about.  With all of the science that we have discovered, there is one thing that should be evident, that there is a natural order to a given system; which allows for the continual evolution of that existing system.  When you step out of that order then you invite chaos and in chaos you find unnecessary destruction that adversely affects the continuity of that system.  So the naturally occurring cycles that exist are altered, broken, not allowed the chance to live out their natural lifespan.   When this is done on a continual basis you find that you are grossly negligently out of balance and the end result is that nature tends to fight the cause of the destruction in order to heal itself.  So rather than being a healthy member, that exists within the confines of that system, Humanity has become a cancer which must be eradicated in order for that system to thrive.  I can already tell you who is going to win that battle.

You have a project on Kickstarter, how is that going? 

If you miss your deadline, is there another way people can help you?

Yes I have a Kickstarter project at:

Why of course they can join me on

Were we engage in the topics discussed above with the hope of forming a community of active participants to bring about real solutions on establishing a bond of brotherhood!   It’s really not as big as a task as one would think.  What I am finding most challenging is reaching the people with the message.  It doesn’t seem to be a popular topic, you know getting together as a people and shaping the future that we envision.   So the biggest way that a person can help is to review what I am saying, and ask does it hold value.  Then look around the world and judge for yourself if it is valid, then ask how can you make a difference.  It has to start from individuals being aware with what is happening to our world and understanding why.   That ultimately is the purpose of the book to sound the alarm and bring to your attention that we can do better, for the sake of our children and their future.  If you don’t do it then who will!


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