The birth of a New Man


The birth of a New man

Commentary by Darric May 2014 ©

What happened to the sanctity of life? When life was revered, honored and protected. It seems these days that life has lost its value and is strewn around like worthless common trash.                       39

Is it not a miracle to witness the birth of a child, to breathe a breath of life, to see the sun, to walk a step, to feel the touch of a loved one, to hear the whisper of your companion. When did these things become so trite that they are no longer valued and esteemed worthy of respect. When did humans lose their humanity. When did our souls grow cold and weary and tire of each other’s company, when did it ever become acceptable to take another’s life because they no longer fit within your agenda, or they refuse to comply to your demands.


How do you justify wars, genocides, mass killings, all in the name of what, who, and where, do you get the notion it was chill to come in to another mans land and enforce your will.  Long gone are the days of barbary, and colonialism has slowly faded away.  Making way for a new day,  with new ways and a new humanity orchestrating new plays that include all the characters within its spectrum.

What is the beauty of the life we lead, what is the miracle that we cannot seem to perceive, is it that we are all the same, doing the same, day in and day out.  What is the spark that drives us to rise together, our differences are perceived as strengths not as a weakness.   As the fever from the sickness of past illnesses dies down and we are able to see clearly that our beauty lies in our diversity,  the miracle is that even in our ignarrogance (to be arrogantly ignorant)  we are given ample opportunities to get it right.  The spark of light that leads us shines from our internal knowledge that indeed we have come far and have yet even further to go.

Continued blessing in all your present and future endeavors


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