What is the Human Experience?

The human experience, the accumulative recorded history of man, his earliest beginnings to our current position in time.  When viewed we tend to observe our history in a microcosm.  If we take the time to digest man’s history you understand and are able to see the big picture; our full experience. even at that we are only going on what has been successfully retained and recorded.

My intention is not to provide a history lesson but merely place the importance of man’s past.  So that you may have a full appreciation for our current position and how far we have progressed and have yet to go!  If we understand the beginnings, the history of man and observe the growth patterns, we find that we are in a grounded position to better discuss and ascertain his current condition.  The hope is that together we can intelligently formulate where we hope to go!

Again I challenge you the reader to participate in this great experiment.  Join me and leave your thoughts and comments: Global Think Tank!




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